Musher is your teammate

hobby sports

There's only one rule: it must be fun for the both of us.

When I look through between his ears, I can see the path, it's only us moving, the world stops around us. Time and space don't matter, nor do the results. Just us - my dog and me.


professional sports

We're a winning duo.

For us, results indeed matter. We push ourselves, make sacrifices, plan, organise, use clever tactics to achieve the goal, which is the first place and nothing else. We aim to win, and we will win.


Musher is your partner in crime

trips & hikes

Forests, meadows, hills, mountains

Grass flattens, twigs crack, leaves rustle under two feet and four paws. Deer tracks, wild boar scrapings. A cavalcade of scents delights us. I can't even imagine what must be going through my dog's nose. The forest murmurs, the birds sing, and we traverse the paths in complete harmony.


cruising in the city

Asphalt Adventurers

He owns the district. He swaggers with pride. He barks at his buddies, wags his tail at the neighbour lady, slows down at the shop to see if we'll enter then switches to light speed as soon as he spots the dog park. He's the star on the tram and the bus, everyone smiles at him. In the office I barely see him, he runs from table to table to collect pats, and he knows well which coworker will play fetch with him. On the way home, we meet up with a friend for a quick play, then we head into the lift. Another great day in the concrete jungle.