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Cruising in the city

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There is no such thing as a bad dog, only one whose owner does not know the characteristics and needs of the breed.

Bernadett Miklósi

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Founder and professional manager of Best Dog Kutyaközpont

I have spent my days around dogs since my childhood and currently have 3 dogs of my own. For almost 20 years, I have been working on understanding dog behaviour as well as treating different problematic habits. I started my professional career around the age of 16 in a dog school in Budaörs, where I was first assigned to lead puppy groups, and then I also taught basic and intermediate courses. Two years later, I joined a foundation where I was involved in the training of disabled assistance, personal assistance and therapy dogs. Ten years ago I was able to realize a big dream by founding Best Dog Dog Training Center. So far I have published three books on dog training, the latest in November 2022 entitled Dog Obligation. The main aim of setting up the dog centre and writing my books is to have more happy and content dogs in the country. The urban environment presents many challenges, so it is important to prepare owners as thoroughly as possible to be able to support and train their dogs properly. Good quality, dog-friendly training aids are essential to success, which is why I prefer to recommend Musher products for dog training.