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On two wheels with my dog

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"Our adventures on wheels have brought us together"

Viktória Gulyás

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Hobby biker with two left feet, enthusiastic blogger and committed beauceron breeder

"I was still recuperating from surgery when I popped on a bike behind Rebelle. I didn't have the stamina to run, but I had to come up with something for the dog's sake, so I got my mountain bike and we went out to nature. I freaked out but I also had fun, and as I got more experienced and skilled, I was no longer afraid. I was absolutely in love with this. This was the first sport that truly brought me together with my dog. Rebelle displayed skills I'd never seen before. The flexible leash tied us together like an umbilical cord. The dog senses everything going on behind it despite the crazy speeds and reacts accordingly. It knows my weaknesses and limitations, watches the road and controls the speed so we're never in real danger. This is a fantastic bond between us, and a sprint really puts us both in the flow.
Our adventures on wheels have brought us together, improved us both mentally, we've had a taste of performance sports from all sides. We've got to know new people and dogs alike, and it even made our legs more shapely."