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ANVIK DT bungee leash with double-grip

14790 Ft

    If you are not sure which size to choose, or if you are worried that your dog does not fit any sizes, do not worry! Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team! The Power Couple, Petra and Sipi will be happy to help you!

    Product description

    The Musher Anvik DT (Double Trouble) leash is a redesigned flexible leash that offers solutions for many problems. We are constantly testing and monitoring our products to make them even better, more perfect and even more functional.

    The Musher Anvik DT flexible leash with its double-grip has been specially designed for runners who want to control their dog more easily and firmly while running. Whether it’s a racing situation, a dynamic start, or a steeper slope, or a tricky turn, the Musher Anvik DT two-handle, flexible leash gives you more control and ease.

    We designed two handles for the leash. With a handle closer to the harness, you can firmly grab your dog at a race start, or in any emergency. The handle or grip closer to your hand is easier to reach, making it easier for you to run. This way, if you need to correct or control your dog for some reason while moving, you can do it quickly and efficiently with this handle.

    Why is this good for you and your dog?

    There will be no more anxiety on the slopes, and no more inefficient turns. Instead, there will be security and stable control in all situations.

    Technical details

    • Strap width: 25 mm
    • Load capacity: over 10 kg dogs

    Product usage guide



    Size Length (neutral) Length (stretched) Recommendation
    S 145 cm 205 cm for running, hiking
    M 175 cm 235 cm for running, hiking
    L 205 cm 265 cm for running, hiking