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ANVIK bungee leash

13290 Ft

    If you are not sure which size to choose, or if you are worried that your dog does not fit any sizes, do not worry! Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team! The Power Couple, Petra and Sipi will be happy to help you!

    Product description

    The Anvik bungee leash is a strong, robust, easy-to-use leash made of 25mm tubular webbing, and 8mm rubber band. There is an extra handle at its end that is closer to the dog which is useful in situations when you need your dog to be close to you.

    The leash is available in 3 different sizes, so you can easily find the best length for your activity.

    Technical details

    • Strap width: 25 mm
    • Load capacity: over 10 kg dogs

    Product usage guide



    Size Length (neutral) Length (stretched) Recommendation
    S 145 cm 205 cm for running
    M 175 cm 235 cm for running, bikejöring, dogscooter
    L 205 cm 265 cm for bikejöring, dogscooter