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from 15290 Ft

    If you are not sure which size to choose, or if you are worried that your dog does not fit any sizes, do not worry! Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team! The Power Couple, Petra and Sipi will be happy to help you!

    Product description

    Practical and flexible. These are only some of the advantages of the Freespirit harness. It can be adjusted around the neck and also around the chest. In its design the manufacturer kept in mind the requirements for obstacle races. The chance of escaping from the short harness was significantly reduced and it remains more stable compared to the other classic harnesses when the dog is running next to your feet. It has a new handle on the top that can be useful if you need to help your four-legged friend to get on/out of any obstacle.

    Technical details

    • Strap width: 25 mm
    • Lining width: 35 mm

    Product usage guide



    How to measure
    To select the right size, use a tape measure to measure the dog as follows:

    B: The circumference of the chest should be measured behind the elbows
    D: The circumference of the neck should be measured close to the shoulders.

    Size Chest circumference (B) Neck circumference (D) Product weight
    XS 40-54 cm 24-40 cm 113 g
    S 50-62 cm 36-44 cm 180 g
    M 58-72 cm 46-54 cm 185 g
    L 66-80 cm 50-58 cm 201 g
    XL 70-90 cm 52-70 cm