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from 1500 Ft


    Product description

    Dogs are often the most enthusiastic gift openers in the family. After all, there is no better fun than tearing, scratching, sniffing, and wondering what the owner has hidden here?
    If you want to bring joy to the four-legged companions of your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, brothers, neighbors, grandparents, this is a great opportunity! With the MUSHER GIFT CARD, you can be sure that the dog of your family or friends will receive the most perfect equipment, after all, no one knows better than an Owner what his four-legged best friend likes the most. 🙂

    You can order the Gift Card in 5 EUR / 10 EUR / 20 EUR / 50 EUR denominations.  We will send the coupon code to the specified email address, which can be redeemed when shopping in the webshop.

    The code cannot be exchanged for cash.
    The coupon code is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

    Technical details