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    Product description

    We like to get the most out of even the simplest things. We like to rethink objects, tools and functions. This mission of ours is typically true in the case of all our products and we don’t lose sight of it even when we are designing or inventing something simple, like a keychain. Even such an ordinary object used by everyone can be more than itself if we curious enough to see the potential in it.

    The Musher keychain has four functions. Let’s see what they are:
    – Of course its basic function is to keep your keys safe, and for this we have put a durable, high-quality chromed steel key ring on the Musher strap. This hoop will not expand or loosen!
    – The carabiner at the end of the keychain allows you to attach the keychain to your pants, bag or backpack.
    – You can remove the durable, lightweight aluminum carabiner from the keychain and use it separately for anything. And we all know that it can come handy.
    – The fourth, probably most fun function is the beer bottle opener on the carabiner, which can also provide good service anytime and anywhere.

    A rubber label with the Musher logo was placed on the 10 cm long, 2.5 cm wide strap. If you want to put the keychain in your pocket, but it would be too big with the carabiner, just take it off and your keys will fit smoothly in your pocket in no time.

    Technical details