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RETRO Seppala Wind dog coat

from 8990 Ft

    If you are not sure which size to choose, or if you are worried that your dog does not fit any sizes, do not worry! Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team! The Power Couple, Petra and Sipi will be happy to help you!

    Product description

    Ultralight, double-layered, water repellent. Should a dog wind coat need to be anything else? Sure! It also has to be trendy! That is exactly why you can order it in 11 different colours!

    This product is discontinued. You can find the new version here.

    Technical details

      Product usage guide



      How to measure

      B: The circumference of the chest should be measured behind the elbows
      C: The length of back is the distance between the withers and the base of the tail
      D: The circumference of the neck should be measured close to the shoulders.

      Size Length of back (C) Chest circumference (B) Neck circumference (D)
      M 47-60 cm 58-68 cm 40-52 cm
      L 59-67 cm 65-75 cm 50-62 cm
      XL 66-75 cm 70-80 cm 60-72 cm
      2XL 74-85 cm 75-85 cm 70-82 cm