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"Always check the integrity of your equipment before you leave, but Musher is a guarantee for quality!"

Dénes Paku

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I am a so-called race-fanatic, I love all sports. Why should dog sports be an exception?

“I did martial arts in the past, so running was a regular part of my workouts. I’ve run several half marathons and marathons already, but never have I ever thought that it could be possible to run with dogs. When we got our first Samoyed, it was the breeder who gradually introduced us to pulling sports. We tried Canicross at first and then I tried a dog-scooter. "That's it!"' - I thought to myself. In the absence of snow and a large flock of dogs, this is perhaps the best way to imitate the “feeling” of dog sledding. With our first dog, we won the European Championship in our category, and since then we have formed a team with two Samoyeds in competitions. Our goal is to learn from the best so that others can learn from us later! "