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László Both (Laci) is the father, the heart and soul of the Musher brand. The brand he founded 24 years ago, with commitment and sheer power of will. The brand that wasn't born in engineering or science labs, but through practicality, in the heart of Transylvania.

How was the Musher brand born?

"In 1997, when I got my first two Huskies, I couldn't for the life of me get ahold of a couple of good harnesses for them so I could hitch them to the sled. Eventually, after lots of complications, I managed to get an extremely weathered harness, which I used as a basis to make two of my own. Then I started to improve on those. I did a lot of research, talked to Nordic dog-owners, we slowly started to organise meetings, competitions. Everyone had trouble getting the proper equipment, so they turned to me when they saw I solved my problems. I could not get a sled to use as a template, but I used photos downloaded from the net to calculate the proper dimensions and built one. So basically, the others could get everything from me that they needed for sledding.”

What makes Musher truly unique, what is its essence?

"All the above mentioned things. It didn't start with a cold business plan, I did no market research or invested capital, I merely solved a problem of mine that I happened to share with others, then realised this was what I needed: I can give people the tools they can use to embark on adventures with their dogs that they never dreamed about.”

What does Musher mean for you?

"Everything. My best years, my hardest years, satisfaction, disappointment, freedom, acknowledgement, ambitions, plans, and the ancestral alliance we have with dogs.”

What advice would you give or what message do you have for those who buy a Musher harness for their dogs, or who encounter the brand for the first time?

"The most important is to choose the correct size. The harness must fit the dog perfectly so the dog is happy to move around in it. Moreover, make sure you use it regularly, don't just let it accumulate dust in the corner. It's important for the dog and the owner alike. The weatheredness of the harness is in proportion with health and happiness. We use this attitude in our work.”

This is Laci


Laci gets his first two Siberian Huskies for whom he makes the first harnesses and ropes.

1998 - 2000

The first sled is completed based on photos, then the search for Northern dog-owners in Romania starts. Sebestyén Both is born in 2000 January.

2000 - 2005

Yukon SE is founded and the first meetings, "competitions" start. The first sled, harness, gear orders start to come in.


A definitive year for multiple reasons: Ágoston Both is born and Musher Kft. is registered.

2006 - 2016

As well as meeting the reasonable demand for equipment, we also start distributing dog food but stopped this after a few years. From here on out, Musher Kft is ran like a manufactory, focusing exclusively on equipment. The Musher brand name is protected within EU states.

2016 - 2020

Dynamic product development starts, the various Musher families start to crystallize. We participate in different competitions within Romania and abroad as well, Sebestyén achieves very good results as a competitor. We start our reseller system which we've been expanding ever since.