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"It makes me proud that we've managed to enrich so many people with life-changing experiences with their dogs in the most beautiful spots in Europe.".

Bence Batiz

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Perky and (allegedly) slightly crazy dog tour guide, world traveller, proud husky and pug pack member

Hikers sometimes ask where the idea for hiking with dogs came from, to which I usually respond with, "All paths have led me here." I've loved animals since I was a toddler. The story started in my childhood, when me and my father went to the Mecsek every weekend to hike in its forests. I later spent some summers in Transylvania in spelunking summer camps and suchlike. I became a responsible pug owner at 19 when Rocco started living with me, then during a pleasant meal in a restaurant, a stray Siberian husky with radiant blue eyes came in. He caused me to become familiar with Összefogás a Szánhúzókért Alapítvány ("Union for Sled Dogs Foundation"). I became a volunteer at the foundation and gained much experience about dogs, dog sports, events, organisation, driving a van, et cetera. I also managed to acquire a temporary companion, Waya, who was a 4-year-old Siberian husky at the time. We toured Europe together, looking for nice places. I gained some true friends at the foundation, who got me into mountaneering too. That's how I got my tour guide licence and the creation of Dog Hájking. Dog Hájking will celebrate its fifth anniversary this year, and the 150th completed tour. We have been to 15 countries already, but we plan on visiting more.